Worm Gearhead

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Worm Gearhead

Gearhead Model Frame Size Motor Output Direction of
Output Shaft
Max. Permissible Torque Diameter of Output Shaft Bearing Type Catalogue Dimension
mm kgfcm N.m mm PDF 2D 3D
Worm Solid Type 8WD□BL 80 15W, 25W Left 26.8 2.62 10 Ball
8WD□BR Right
8WD□BRL Bi-directional
9WD□BL 90 40W~120W Left 122.4 12.0 15 Ball
9WD□BR Right
9WD□BRL Bi-directional
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Worm Gearhead

Worm Gearhead

– Worm loại rắn (WD Type)
– Kích thước khung: 80 / 90mm
– Tỷ số truyền: 10: 1 ~ 60: 1

Một số model thông dụng:


6GBD3BMH, 6GBD3.6BMH,          6GBD5BMH, 6GBD6BMH, 6GBD7.5BMH,          6GBD9BMH,            6GBD10BMH,           6GBD12.5BMH,        6GBD15BMH,           6GBD18BMH,           6GBD20BMH,            6GBD25BMH,           6GBD30BMH,           6GBD36BMH,           6GBD40BMH,           6GBD50BMH,            6GBD60BMH,           6GBD75BMH,           6GBD90BMH,           6GBD100BMH,         6GBD120BMH,            6GBD150BMH,         6GBD180BMH,         6GBD200BMH,         6GBD250BMH,         6GBD3BH,            6GBD3.6BH,  6GBD5BH,     6GBD6BH,     6GBD7.5BH,  6GBD9BH,     6GBD10BH,   6GBD12.5BH,            6GBD15BH,   6GBD18BH,   6GBD20BH,   6GBD25BH,   6GBD30BH,   6GBD36BH,   6GBD40BH,            6GBD50BH,   6GBD60BH,   6GBD75BH,   6GBD90BH,   6GBD100BH, 6GBD120BH, 6GBD150BH,            6GBD180BH, 6GBD200BH, 6GBD250BH,


7GBD3BMH, 7GBD3.6BMH,          7GBD5BMH, 7GBD6BMH, 7GBD7.5BMH,          7GBD9BMH,            7GBD10BMH,           7GBD12.5BMH,        7GBD15BMH,           7GBD18BMH,           7GBD20BMH,            7GBD25BMH,           7GBD30BMH,           7GBD36BMH,           7GBD50BMH,           7GBD60BMH,            7GBD75BMH,           7GBD90BMH,           7GBD100BMH,         7GBD120BMH,         7GBD150BMH,            7GBD180BMH,         7GBD200BMH,         7GBD3BH,     7GBD3.6BH,  7GBD5BH,     7GBD6BH,            7GBD7.5BH,  7GBD9BH,     7GBD10BH,   7GBD12.5BH,            7GBD15BH,   7GBD18BH,            7GBD20BH,   7GBD25BH,   7GBD30BH,   7GBD36BH,   7GBD50BH,   7GBD60BH,   7GBD75BH,            7GBD90BH,   7GBD100BH, 7GBD120BH, 7GBD150BH, 7GBD180BH, 7GBD200BH, 7GBK3BMH,            7GBK3.6BMH,          7GBK5BMH, 7GBK6BMH, 7GBK7.5BMH,          7GBK9BMH, 7GBK10BMH,            7GBK12.5BMH,        7GBK15BMH,           7GBK18BMH,           7GBK20BMH,           7GBK25BMH,            7GBK30BMH,           7GBK36BMH,           7GBK50BMH,           7GBK60BMH,           7GBK75BMH,            7GBK90BMH,           7GBK100BMH,         7GBK120BMH,         7GBK150BMH,         7GBK180BMH,            7GBK200BMH,         7GBK3BH,     7GBK3.6BH,  7GBK5BH,     7GBK6BH,     7GBK7.5BH,            7GBK9BH,     7GBK10BH,   7GBK12.5BH,            7GBK15BH,   7GBK18BH,   7GBK20BH,            7GBK25BH,   7GBK30BH,   7GBK36BH,   7GBK50BH,   7GBK60BH,   7GBK75BH,   7GBK90BH,            7GBK100BH, 7GBK120BH, 7GBK150BH, 7GBK180BH, 7GBK200BH,


8GBK3BMH, 8GBK3.6BMH,          8GBK5BMH, 8GBK6BMH, 8GBK7.5BMH,          8GBK9BMH,            8GBK10BMH,           8GBK12.5BMH,        8GBK15BMH,           8GBK18BMH,           8GBK20BMH,            8GBK25BMH,           8GBK30BMH,           8GBK36BMH,           8GBK40BMH,           8GBK50BMH,            8GBK60BMH,           8GBK75BMH,           8GBK90BMH,           8GBK100BMH,         8GBK120BMH,            8GBK150BMH,         8GBK180BMH,         8GBK200BMH,         8GBK250BMH,         8GBK300BMH,            8GBK360BMH,         8GBK3BH,     8GBK3.6BH,  8GBK5BH,     8GBK6BH,     8GBK7.5BH,            8GBK9BH,     8GBK10BH,   8GBK12.5BH,            8GBK15BH,   8GBK18BH,   8GBK20BH,            8GBK25BH,   8GBK30BH,   8GBK36BH,   8GBK40BH,   8GBK50BH,   8GBK60BH,   8GBK75BH,            8GBK90BH,   8GBK100BH, 8GBK120BH, 8GBK150BH, 8GBK180BH, 8GBK200BH, 8GBK250BH,            8GBK300BH, 8GBK360BH,

90mm GB:

9GBK2BMH, 9GBK3BMH, 9GBK3.6BMH,          9GBK5BMH, 9GBK6BMH, 9GBK7.5BMH,            9GBK9BMH, 9GBK10BMH,           9GBK12.5BMH,        9GBK15BMH,           9GBK18BMH,            9GBK20BMH,           9GBK25BMH,           9GBK30BMH,           9GBK36BMH,           9GBK40BMH,            9GBK50BMH,           9GBK60BMH,           9GBK75BMH,           9GBK90BMH,           9GBK100BMH,            9GBK120BMH,         9GBK150BMH,         9GBK180BMH,         9GBK200BMH,         9GBK2BH,            9GBK3BH,     9GBK3.6BH,  9GBK5BH,     9GBK6BH,     9GBK7.5BH,  9GBK9BH,     9GBK10BH,            9GBK12.5BH,            9GBK15BH,   9GBK18BH,   9GBK20BH,   9GBK25BH,   9GBK30BH,            9GBK36BH,   9GBK40BH,   9GBK50BH,   9GBK60BH,   9GBK75BH,   9GBK90BH,   9GBK100BH,            9GBK120BH, 9GBK150BH, 9GBK180BH, 9GBK200BH,


9PBK2BH,     9PBK3BH,     9PBK3.6BH,  9PBK5BH,     9PBK6BH,     9PBK7.5BH,  9PBK9BH,            9PBK10BH,   9PBK12.5BH,            9PBK15BH,   9PBK18BH,   9PBK20BH,   9PBK25BH,            9PBK30BH,   9PBK36BH,   9PBK40BH,   9PBK50BH,   9PBK60BH,   9PBK75BH,   9PBK90BH,            9PBK100BH, 9PBK120BH, 9PBK150BH, 9PBK180BH, 9PBK200BH, 9PFK2BH,      9PFK3BH,            9PFK3.6BH,   9PFK5BH,      9PFK6BH,      9PFK7.5BH,   9PFK9BH,      9PFK10BH,    9PFK12.5BH,            9PFK15BH,    9PFK18BH,    9PFK20BH,    9PFK25BH,    9PFK30BH,    9PFK36BH,    9PFK40BH,            9PFK50BH,    9PFK60BH,    9PFK75BH,    9PFK90BH,    9PFK100BH,  9PFK120BH,  9PFK150BH,            9PFK180BH,  9PFK200BH,


9HBK3BH,     9HBK3.6BH,  9HBK5BH,     9HBK6BH,     9HBK7.5BH,  9HBK9BH,     9HBK10BH,            9HBK12.5BH,            9HBK15BH,   9HBK18BH,   9HBK20BH,   9HBK25BH,   9HBK30BH,            9HBK36BH,   9HBK40BH,   9HBK50BH,   9HBK60BH,   9HBK75BH,   9HBK90BH,   9HBK100BH,            9HBK120BH, 9HBK150BH, 9HBK180BH, 9HBK200BH, 9HFK3BH,     9HFK3.6BH,  9HFK5BH,            9HFK6BH,     9HFK7.5BH,  9HFK9BH,     9HFK10BH,   9HFK12.5BH,            9HFK15BH,            9HFK18BH,   9HFK20BH,   9HFK25BH,   9HFK30BH,   9HFK36BH,   9HFK40BH,   9HFK50BH,            9HFK60BH,   9HFK75BH,   9HFK90BH,   9HFK100BH, 9HFK120BH, 9HFK150BH, 9HFK180BH,            9HFK200BH,


10UBK5BH,   10UBK9BH,   10UBK10BH, 10UBK15BH, 10UBK20BH, 10UBK15BH 02,        10UBK20BH 01,            10UBK25BH, 10UBK30BH, 10UBK30BH 01,        10UBK40BH, 10UBK50BH, 10UBK60BH,            10UBK90BH, 10UBK100BH,           10UBK120BH,           10UBK150BH,           10UBK180BH,


8XD10MG,     8XD10MW,    8XD10GG,     8XD10GW,    9XD10MG,     9XD10MWH, 9XD10GG,     9XD10GZ,            9XD10MP,     9XD10PP,       9XD10MWH, 9XD10PZ,


8WD10BL,     8WD12BL,     8WD15BL,     8WD18BL,     8WD25BL,     8WD30BL,     8WD36BL,     8WD50BL,            8WD60BL,     8WD10BR,     8WD12BR,     8WD15BR,     8WD18BR,     8WD25BR,     8WD30BR,            8WD36BR,     8WD50BR,     8WD60BR,     8WD10BRL,  8WD12BRL,  8WD15BRL,  8WD18BRL,            8WD25BRL,  8WD30BRL,  8WD36BRL,  8WD50BRL,  8WD60BRL,


9WD10BL,     9WD12BL,     9WD15BL,     9WD18BL,     9WD25BL,     9WD30BL,     9WD36BL,     9WD50BL,            9WD60BL,     9WD10BR,     9WD12BR,     9WD15BR,     9WD18BR,     9WD25BR,     9WD30BR,            9WD36BR,     9WD50BR,     9WD60BR,     9WD10BRL,  9WD12BRL,  9WD15BRL,  9WD18BRL,            9WD25BRL,  9WD30BRL,  9WD36BRL,  9WD50BRL,  9WD60BRL,


9WHD7.5,      9WHD10,       9WHD15,       9WHD20,       9WHD30,       9WHD40,       9WHD50,       9WHD60,            9WHD80,       9WHD7.5-030,           9WHD10-030,            9WHD15-030,            9WHD20-030,            9WHD30-030,            9WHD40-030,            9WHD50-030,            9WHD60-030,            9WHD80-030,


9WHD50-040,            9WHD60-040,            9WHD80-040,            9WHD100-040,


10WHD7.5-040,         10WHD10-040,          10WHD15-040,          10WHD20-040,          10WHD25-040,            10WHD30-040,          10WHD40-040,

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